A job in the skilled technical workforce (STW) is one that is open to an individual without a bachelor’s degree who has a high level of knowledge in a technical domain. The United States needs a STW to foster innovation and remain competitive in the global economy, but projections estimate 3.4 million unfilled STW jobs by 2022. This project explores ways to fill the data deficit on the STW by evaluating the fitness-for-use of the Burning Glass Technologies job-ad data for describing the employer demand for STW jobs.

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Sarah McDonald

Sarah McDonald

Marymount University, Economics and Mathematics


Gina Fendley

Gina Fendley

Marymount University, Economics and Philosophy

Ian  MacLeod

Ian MacLeod

The University of Mary Washington, Computer Science


Vicki Lancaster

Principal Scientist, Biocomplexity Institute, University of Virginia

J Bayoán Santiago Calderón

Postdoctoral Associate, Biocomplexity Institute, University of Virginia


Gigi Jones

Project Officer, Skilled Technical Workforce and National Training, Education, and Workforce Survey, National Center for Science and Engineering Statistics (NCSES)