This project provides data-driven insights for Patrick County in addressing barriers to health for its residents. We worked closely with stakeholders to identify lack of data on health care access, food access as related to diabetes and heart disease prevalence, older adult health, and digital connectivity that would facilitate access to telemedicine as key problems where providing insights could inform decision-making to improve county residents’ quality of life. The team used publicly available data to provide actionable information in each of the four areas, identifying emergency medical service station coverage gaps, food deserts, areas of high older adult need, and broadband gaps. Our findings will allow the sponsor to better understand health care provision options for its residents, identify the characteristics of equity and health disparities across the county, and design solutions targeting barriers to health at the neighborhood level.

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Morgan Stockham

Morgan Stockham

Claremont Graduate University, Applied Microeconomics


Isabel Gomez

Isabel Gomez

Smith College, Statistical and Data Science

Tasfia Chowdhury

Tasfia Chowdhury

Indiana University Bloomington, Political Science


Teja Pristavec

Research Assistant Professor, Biocomplexity Institute, University of Virginia


Patrick County Extension Office and Virginia Department of Health

Terri Alt, Patrick County Extension Office
Nancy Bell, Virginia Department of Health