This project is using publicly available water quality measurements from two different watersheds in Oregon to help both organizations (i.e. FDA and ODA) as well as individual farmers better understand the quality of water being used in fresh produce production. It is the goal of the project to help better inform the regulations being placed on farms while also providing farms with accessible information on their farm's water source quality.

Teaser Video:

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Heather Miller

Heather Miller

Oregon State University, Mechanical Engineering, Minor in Public Health


Zachary Boyce

Zachary Boyce

Portland State University, Geography Major, Water Resources and GIS Minor

Gregory Gandy

Gregory Gandy

Willamette University, Economics, Computer Science and Math Minors


Joy Waite-Cusic

Associate Professor, Oregon State University


Oregon Farms (OSU Extension); Oregon Dept of Agriculture (ODA) ; Food and Drug Administration – Center for Food Safety and Applied Nutrition; Produce growers in the Tualatin watershed and in Treasure Valley