The Deschutes River is a premiere rafting and flyfishing river, drawing both domestic and international visitors. In recent years water flow of the river has been altered because of changes in operation of the Pelton-Round Butte dam. This has led to a changes in water flow, water temperature, and water chemistry. We are conducting a retrospective analysis of the Deschutes river and its aquatic resources to inform local stakeholders as to the nature and causes of changes. From this may arise recommendations for water and natural resource management in this river system that experiences competing uses.

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Sebastiano Busato

Sebastiano Busato

Oregon State University, Animal Science


Sophia Bevans

Oregon State University, Biology/CIS minor

Duncan Gates

Duncan Gates

Oregon State University, Economics; Math/Pol Sci/Spanish minors


Scott Heppell

Associate Professor, Oregon State University


Lynn Ewing; City of Maupin; Deschutes River stakeholders; PG&E