Istanbul is one of the densest and most crowded cities around the world, which makes citizens’ lives challenging. It is difficult to navigate around the city since instant knowledge about what is happening where is currently not available. To overcome this challenge, we have developed a Twitter Bot that makes instant density prediction for specific locations around Istanbul, and informs the followers about the results.

Teaser Video:

Research Project Webpage:

Click here for more details about the project including findings, data, and methods.
Click here for the application's twitter page.

Team Members:

Ronahi Ay

Ronahi Ay

University of Kirklareli, Software Engineering

Bugrahan Senturk

Buğrahan Şentürk

Marmara University, Mechatronics Engineering


Engin Deniz Alpman

Bootcamp Trainer

Mehmet Fahri Bilici

Teaching Assistant




İstanbul Metropolitan Municipality