In May 2020 only, Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality received almost a million complaints from the residents of Istanbul. By making a subject-based classification of written complaints addressed to the municipality, we aim to facilitate the communication of these complaints to the relevant Municipality Owned Enterprises (MOEs) in a shorter time. Hence, while the residents’ complaints will be addressed more quickly, the workers at the complaint desk will see the burden of their work reduced. Using online written complaints as our data source, we capitalize on NLP and ML algorithms for complaint processing and learning procedure. At the end, we obtain a tool that can predict the subject of any text and directs it to the right people.

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Team Members:

M. Gizem Celik

Meliha Gizem Çelik

Yıldız Technical University, MSc in Computer Engineering, 1st year

Neris Ozen

Neris Özen

Tilburg University, MSc in Data Science and Society, 1st year

Bugrahan Senturk

Buğrahan Şentürk

Marmara University, BSc in Mechatronics Engineering, 4th year

Kubilay Gazioglu

Kubilay Gazioğlu

Yeditepe University, MSc in Data Science, 2nd year

Rana B. Kalkan

Rana B. Kalkan

Sabancı University, BSc in Economics & Computer Engineering, 4th year

Ronahi Ay

Ronahi Ay

Kırklareli University, BSc in Software Engineering, 3rd year




İstanbul Metropolitan Municipality