Government programs often develop within agency silos, making it difficult to support ‘whole community’ responses to pressing problems. To combat this issue, the Iowa Linkage to Care Advisory Board was created to embrace cross-agency evidence-based policymaking in statewide prevention, treatment, and public safety response efforts. This project identified, webscraped, and spatially mapped publicly available data reflecting formal and informal ‘Systems of Care’ that support resilience related to mental health, physical health, education, workforce development, and child care. Interactive data tools and insights catalog and improve awareness of state resources in support of the Board’s ongoing efforts to address systemic change.

Teaser Video:

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Research Project Webpage:

Click here for more details about the project including findings, data, and methods.


Kishor Kumar Sridhar

Kishor Kumar Sridhar

Graduate Student, Information Systems, Iowa State University


Andrew Maloney

Andrew Maloney

Recent Undergraduate/Incoming Master’s Student, Mathematics, Iowa State University

Joel Von Behren

Joel Von Behren

Undergraduate Student, Data Science, Iowa State University

Matthew Voss

Matthew Voss

Recent Undergraduate/Upcoming Graduate Student, Statistics, Iowa State University


Heike Hofman

Professor and Interim Professor in Charge of the Data Science Program, Iowa State University

Shawn F. Dorius

Associate Professor of Sociology, Iowa State University


Iowa's Linkage to Care Advisory Board in partnership with the Iowa Department of Public Health Substance Abuse Bureau