Iowa ranks in the top 10 among U.S. states for binge drinking, costing roughly $635 per person in Iowa. Understanding who is at risk for excessive alcohol use and where they reside can help Iowa’s Substance Use Bureau better target prevention resources to manage alcohol-related problems. This project identified and spatially mapped the characteristics of heavy daily alcohol users, forecasted alcohol sales by county, and analyzed the prevalence of people who have been involved in car crashes after using alcohol or drugs. Interactive data tools were generated to facilitate decision making by policymakers, public health officials, and extension specialists.

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Click here for more details about the project including findings, data, and methods.


Deepak George Thomas

Deepak George Thomas

Graduate Student, Computer Science, Iowa State University


Kok Kent Chong

Kok Kent Chong

Undergraduate Student, Finance & Supply Chain Management, Iowa State University

Kathleen M Thompson

Kathleen M Thompson

Recent Undergraduate/Upcoming Graduate Student, Sociology & Political Science, Iowa State University

Xinyi Zhu

Xinyi Zhu

Undergraduate Student, Statistics & Data Science, Iowa State University


Christopher J Seeger

Professor of Landscape Architecture, Iowa State University

Shawn F. Dorius

Associate Professor of Sociology, Iowa State University


Iowa Department of Public Health Substance Use Bureau

Program Support:

Ilma Jahic

Graduate Student, Sociology, Iowa State University